Bracing Devices


Are useful tools to supplement the rehabilitative services offered, we employ fully trained and proficient staff that will assist in prescribing and fitting the most effective supportive and protective orthopedic devices on the market. If we cannot provide you the specifics you're requiring we'll be sure to refer you to appropriate facility.

The devices which can be provided will facilitate your rehabilitation program and include but not limited to:

  • Post-operative and post-fracture upper extremity slings
  • Custom and non-custom knee bracing (ACL, MCL, arthritis, other instabilities)
  • Functional ankle supports
  • Wrist and forearm braces and supports
  • Hip and sacroiliac belts
  • Cervical water pillows and lumbar supports
  • Crutches, canes, and walkers
  • Cold therapy units and ice packs
  • Thermal therapy appliances
  • Functional rehabilitation kits for ankle, knee, and shoulder

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