Meet the Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

Rob Peters, H.B.Sc., Dip.A.T., D.O.(M.P.)

Rob Has An Honours Degree In Kinesiology From The University Of Waterloo Where He Graduated In 1985. Following This Degree He Completed His Diploma In Athletic Therapy Which He Received From Sheridan College In Oakville In 1987. After An 8 Year Hiatus From Formal Education Rob Enrolled At The Canadian College Of Osteopathy Completing The 7 Year Program In The Fall Of 2002.

Rob Has Practiced In The Niagara Region Since 1989. He Started As A Certified Athletic Therapist And Clinical Supervisor For The Beamsville Sports Therapy Clinic Following A Year In Angus, Ontario As A Graduating Athletic Therapist. In 1993 Rob Owned And Operated Beamsville Athletic Therapy Services Until His Move To A New Location In 2002. With The New Location Came A New Name, Niagara Osteopathic And Rehabilitation Centre. The St. Catharines Clinic Had Been Home To Osteopathic Practitioners And A Massage Therapist Over The Years. Both The Beamsville And St. Catharines Sites Have Provided Rob With The Opportunity To Mentor Future Athletic Therapists, Osteopathic Practitioners And With The Recent Preceptor Ship With McMaster University, Future Family Physicians.

Teaching Is Another Of Rob’s Passions. He Was An Anatomy Lecturer At Sheridan College In Oakville From 1999 To 2006. He Continues Teaching At This Time At The Canadian College Of Osteopathy As A Teaching Assistant, A Position He Began Back In 2004. We're Excited To Welcome Rob To Our Interdisciplinary Team Here At LIVA Health - Dr. Joanne S. Hubley & Co.

Chris Jackson, R.Kin., M.Sc., C.A.T.(C), D.O.(M.P.)

Chris Completed His Bachelor Of Science At McMaster University. He Then Pursued A Post Graduate Diploma In The Athletic Therapy From Sheridan College Over 20 Years Ago. He Completed His MSc At The University Of Guelph In Biomechanics.&Nbsp; His Passion For Learning Drew Him To The Field Of Osteopathy. He Graduated From The Canadian College Of Osteopathy In 2002.

Over The Years Chris Has Had The Honor Of Working With Many National Level And Professional Athletes And Teams. He Has Also Been The Head Athletic Therapist Of The Canadian National Senior Men’s Rugby Team And The U-19 Canadian National Women’s Soccer Team.

Chris Also Has A Strong Passion For Working With And Developing Young Athletes. He Has Worked With A Wide Variety Of Sports (Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Basketball, Kayak, Rugby, Hockey To Name A Few) As Well As Helping Shape Young Athletes To Help Them Develop Their Full Potential. Chris Was Instrumental In Helping Direct And Launch The Human Performance Centre At The White Oaks Resort & Spa, In Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario.

He Strongly Believes In Educating Each And Every Patient. This Teaching Drive Has Fueled Him To Be A Professor In The Athletic Therapy (BAHSc) Program At Sheridan College Since 2001. The Passion For Learning And Teaching Is Fulfilled In This Position. “The Students Force Me To Keep Up With The Latest Technologies, Applications, Techniques And Research Which I Can Then Turn Around And Give To My Patients”. Chris Enjoys His Clinical Practice As Well, And Maintains Contact With His Patient Base A Couple Times A Week At LIVA Health.

Ernest Geid, D.O.(M.P.)

Ernest Geid, D.O.(M.P.)

Ernest Geid Is A Canadian Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, He Is The Owner And Founder Of “Osteopathy First”, He Has A Vast Hands-On Clinical Experience In Osteoarticular Techniques, Myofascial Release And Cranial Therapy.

Ernest Geid Holds A Diploma Of Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP). He Is Delivering Osteopathy Techniques Using Multi-Modal Approach And European Style Osteopathy.

Ernest Is An International Medical Doctor With Rheumatology Degree, In Addition, He Holds A Doctor Of Osteopathy (DO) From National University Of Medical Sciences In Spain.

Recently He Finished 2 Years Diploma Of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy And Pediatric CST & 2 Years Diploma Of Holistic Nutrition In CSNN. Ernest Strongly Believes In The 4 Principles Of Osteopathy:

Ernest Strongly Believes In The 4 Principles Of Osteopathy:

  • Each Body’s Structure Supports The Body’s Functions. If A Structure Is Out Of Place, The Body Will Not Function At Its Best.
  • The Natural Flow Of The Body’s Fluids – Lymphatic, Vascular And Neurological – Must Be Preserved And Maintained.
  • The Human Body Is The Sum Of Its Parts. Its Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, And Cognitive Systems Work In Harmony.
  • When The Body Has No Restrictions, It Has The Inherent Ability To Heal Itself.

Ernest As An Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Identifies, Assesses, And Treats The Body’s Structures And Rhythms Using A Gentle, Hands-On Approach. This Fundamental Technique Is Called Osteopathic Palpation.

Osteopathic Palpation Is What Makes Osteopathy Different From Other Forms Of Therapy.

Ernest Use Seven Major Treatment Techniques In His Practice:

  • Cranial Therapy Is The Gentlest Osteopathic Technique, And It Requires The Most Experience To Use Effectively.
  • OMT Which Is Gentle Articulations And Mobilizations That Involves Gently Moving 2 Joint Surfaces. Many Patients Find This Technique Less Forceful Than Joint Manipulations.
  • Myofascial Release Therapy With The Main Goal To Stretch And Loosen The Fascia.
  • Soft-Tissue Stretching Techniques To Release Muscle Tension.
  • Neuromuscular Release Techniques, Also Called Trigger Point Myotherapy.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Techniques That Improve Circulation Throughout Body And Enhance The Immune System.
  • Visceral Manipulation In Which Most Patients Treated Feel Only Gentle Pressure, But The Corrections Are Enough To Improve The Mobility Of An Organ, Improve Blood Flow, And Help The Organ Function More Effectively.

Ernest Has Professional Membership In The Following Osteopathy Associations:

  1. National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS)
  2. College Of Registered Manual Osteopaths (CRMO)

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