Indie Head massage

Indie Head Massage (45 minutes)
Indie Head Massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the head, neck, and shoulders.
It is based on the traditional Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda and uses a combination of massage techniques, acupressure, and gentle stretching.
The massage is performed while the recipient is seated or laying face down while the therapist uses their hands and fingers to apply pressure to the recipient’s head, neck, and shoulders. 

The main objective of Indie Head Massage is to reduce tension and stress. It can also help to improve mental clarity and alertness, reduce headaches, and alleviate tension in the scalp and neck.

Indie Head Massage is a holistic therapy that works on the muscles, energy pathways, and reflex points to bring relaxation, restore balance, and promote well-being.
Please note: Indie head massage involves oil being poured directly on the scalp, leaving hair and scalp covered in oil.
We do NOT have shower facilities at the clinic so please plan accordingly

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