Riding for Change

When spinning was part of the interdisciplinary clinic, we participated in riding for change. Team rEvolution and Spin-Doctor riders enjoyed the reward of feeling good knowing that each time they participated in a spin class, they were training towards riding for change.  With those efforts...

Giving back never felt so good!!

Almost every year since 2009 the troops gathered up and participated in various charity events, either via hosting locally or simply participating, culminating into nearly $235,150.00 raised! The legacy continues forward in a different manner, now that spinning no longer is part of LIVA Health we continue having the same goal to continuously strive to giving back to our community towards such charities as Hernder-Picasso Foundation 2014-present, TV Rotary Auction, United Way... and most recently collecting 4 bins of mixed non-perishable food items, gently used clothing and unwrapped gifts, in support of Community Care LIVA Health Give to Get Food drive campaign.  

Ride To Conquer Cancer RTCC

2009- $37,854.65

2010- $90,516.27


2012- $7,475.00

2014- hosted local event

Spin for the General

2010- $9,877.00

2011- $7,298.00

2012- $10,340.00

The Big Move Cancer Ride

2010- $2,026.00

2011- $7,979.00

2012- $11,672.42

2013- $3,000.00 plus

Canadian Cancer Society - 24hrs Battle in the Saddle

2014, 2015, 2016 $2500.00 plus

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