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wallclock.jpgI've never taken a Spinning class before. What should I expect?

Spinning is challenging! Most importantly be patient as this great exercise takes some time to get the basic movements and form whilst working at an increased level. Spinning is for all levels in ANY class. New participants shall always be encouraged to go gently into spinning, and to take it at their own pace.

Do I have to be in great shape to participate in a Spinning class?

The answer is, and always will be ………No.

I believe that any participant, no matter what the fitness level can do any class…even an advanced class, simply for the reason that you are in control of the resistance on your spin bike and are encouraged to achieve little goals first and foremost.


What makes spinning class different from other group exercise classes?

We encourage the participants in the spin classes to “feel the love”. Our handpicked instructors are noted for their ability to motivate and inspire. Paired with iconic music, their mentoring words and leading by example attitude, will empower each individual participant. Participants in turn, give back to the class in the form of exercise and camaraderie.


How many calories will I burn in a Spinning class, and what is the approximate equivalent distance in road miles traveled?

This question is subject to a myriad of factors, including weight and the efforts put forth during a 45 mins class. On average, a participant can expect to burn 500 calories. As participants get stronger and more fit they can even burn in excess of 800 calories in a 45 minute session. If participants have a cadence of 80-110 rpm they can expect to have covered between 25 and 30 kilometers on the road.

How is taking a Spinning class different than just riding a stationary bike?

Spinning is far from sitting on the humble stationary bike. The bikes are as close to emulating riding a fixed-wheel bike as possible. The 42 pound flywheel is there to keep you pedaling and of course to aide in the friction based resistance that you have total control over. Simply turning a knob a few rotations will emulate climbing a hill, or turning it a few more times will emulate climbing a mountain. With the ease of controlling your own workouts, the instructor’s encouragement, the inspiring music and class participation, your experience will undoubtedly be one that will leave you wanting more.

What should I wear to participate in a Spinning class?

Perspiration is sure to be prevalent during the 45 mins classes so light workout attire would be desired. Shorts are to be contoured and not too long as to get caught in your pedal stroke. All the bikes have SPD pedals and cages so spinning shoes, although beneficial are NOT required. If you are new, a firm-soled running shoe will be just fine!

Will taking Spinning classes make my legs bulk up?

Simply stated no.

Spinning will tone up your legs and backside...those troubled areas for some will be the first places you will see results. Your legs will become lean and toned. The classes are designed to help you fight gravity and aide in moving things back up to where they once were!

How can I get more comfortable sitting on the saddle?

Getting acclimatized to the saddle for some might be longer than others. Most tend to feel some discomfort for up to three or four classes. Try not to let too much time intervene between classes or you will prolong your “break in “period. Cycling shorts aide greatly, and can be purchased at local cycling stores. They offer different styles and for those not liking the spandex look, there are products like biking underwear and mountain biking shorts that are far less contouring.


How can cycling shoes help me in a Spinning class?

Spinning shoes are very effective and will aide in your workout, allowing you to increase the effectiveness in your pedal stroke by almost 30 percent. The stiff sole will alleviate foot cramping and allow you to push through the pedal stroke that much harder and the specially designed SPD cleat will allow you to pull the pedal up with your ham strings and create “the perfect circle”. The shoes vary in price and I recommend them 100% . If you like to spin, purchase a pair in your price range and start to notice results faster!

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