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Feras Abutaqieh

Feras is a registered physiotherapist since 1996 and holder of a bachelor degree in physiotherapy and rehabilitation science from Karachi university and a pelvic floor physiotherapist from PThealth solution, Toronto. He is a highly skilled Physiotherapist with extensive experience in patient care using the functional practices; based on the philosophy, science and art of physiotherapy as needed to improve patient’s care and their families’ lives.With 20 years of hands on experience in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, Feras has been challenged by variety of medical cases at a different level of severity. His main focus is to work with patients to achieve their desired short term or long term goals and get back to healthy life, free of pain and full range of functionality.

Feras has special interest in sport rehab and orthopaedic however his long time experience in hospital setting in the ER, ICU and stroke unit added more to his advanced physiotherapy skills.

Feras has over 10000 working hours in long term care setting, working with geriatric population to achieve specific functional goals for them and enhance overall well-being for a better functionality and quality of life.

Away from clinical practice, Feras teaches self defense and Martial Arts privately helping to increase self confidence and improve natural fighting skills in a scientific and controlled manner.

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