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lifeisgoodgirlbike2013.jpgTraditionally, Spinning is a 45 minutes (60min, plus, plus, plus classes available, check schedule) high energy cardiovascular class co-ordinated with music and led via a certified instructor. Each instructor leads you on an exciting cycling journey accompanied with inspiring music that is sure to challenge you both mentally and physically.

Now, we're introducing the latest in Spinning technology providing a social-network enhanced real-time rendering system that reflects the entire Spinning group activity class with animated scenery in a virtual world that projects onto two 70" big flat panel screens.

It’s nothing like a DVD video.

Each spinning trainee has his or her own avatar, an animated figure which its apparel colors can be set individually, and a private profile on the Spivi cloud where the system saves YOUR performance data.

Spinning offers high intensity and yet a low impact workout. The circular motion of the pedals allows for a smooth and continuous stroke eliminating any damaging impact on the joints and back.

Spinning can burn more calories in a 45 min spin class than any other form of cardio exercise. Some riders can elevate the caloric burn well into 900 calories or more in a 45 mins session.

We offer classes that suit all levels and cater to those that want to push harder with longer classes and increased intensity. If you are a beginner, don’t read into the different style classes as barriers. As a new participant, you can easily accomplish any class as you are always in control of your workout.

There are many various training programs available with the social-network enhanced real-time rendering system, and therefore can be used with a professional live instructor or without a live indoor cycling instructor.

Main Key Features of our system

  • Displays real-time group simulation in HD
  • Displays live performance feedback
  • Dozens of professional programs
  • Dozens of scenery to select from
  • Create custom programs or run “free-style”
  • Automatically promotes on Facebook
  • On-line class scheduler available
  • Mobile access from iPhone and Android
  • Performance analysis on group and personal activity

We encourage participants to come 15 minutes early to select your spin bike as there is no spot reservation available at this time. If you are a new participant, select a class that has a live instructor present, and arrive 30 minutes in advance, to be set up as mechanically sound as possible on the spin bike.

Should you have any further questions please use the contact us tab and send us your questions.

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