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Class Description


Below is detailed descriptions of the classes we offer at LIVA. Please read through the variety of classes available and choose which one(s) may be right for you.… Please stay tuned as we experiment and develop our LIVA yoga programming.


Vinyasa Free Flow - A variety of postures sequenced together and linked to the breath. This mid to quick-paced class focuses on your core while synchronizing your breath with Sun Salutations. These flowing classes are often themed and involve music. Expect more strength work than Hatha Yoga. Most are taught to accomodate all levels of experience – offering modifications to help you work at your own speed. Prepare to sweat and work hard.

Hatha Yoga  - Gentle to mid-paced class where you’ll learn how to utilize your breath within postures. Feel relaxed, lengthened and toned. Expect to be gently challenged.

Yoga for Athletes - This is a gentler, stretch-y-er class here at LIVA with "The Yogi Cyclist", Jessie. This 60 min. class is perfect whether you are a runner, cyclist, rower, soccer or hockey player. Postures are designed with the competitive athlete in mind : focusing on developing greater breath capacity, releasing tight hamstrings and psoas, building a more flexible spine, shoulder girdle and hips. Take a break here to stretch and strengthen in ways that will keep you enjoying your sport of choice for a long long time.

CycleFx YOGA Fusion - A 30 minutes Yoga class positioned immediately after 45 minutes of high energy and intensity on the bike. Offering participants two opposite components and complete balance. Participants can attend classes separately, time allocated for transition from bikes to flex space. Although, combining the two components allows clients to absorb the total experience of endorphin release, resulting in additional calming and well being benefits. 75 minutes in total length for both classes combined. Bring something dry to put over your perspired gear!

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